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This page hosts informal blog entries about whatever's on my mind
and serves as a hub for some of my professional writing samples.

(For information about about my approach to writing instruction, head over to the Teaching page.)


On Having a Song in BlacKkKlansman

August 6, 2019

A year ago, some friends and I hopped on a train to New York City to see an early screening of Spike Lee's movie BlacKkKlansman.
(As a quick note: I wasn't seeing it early because I was fancy; I was seeing it early because I was willing to buy the early ticket.)

At the time, most of us had watched trailers and read some early reviews. We all knew about the standing ovation and Grand Prix at Cannes.

We were excited about the movie. But none of us were really sure what to expect.

The first hint that "We Are Gonna Be Okay" had made the final cut[...]

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